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British American Football Association wins ‘School Games NGB of the Year’ 2017

British American Football Association (BAFA) is the ‘School Games NGB of the Year’ 2017.

Why? Well, there’s been significant growth in participation in the first year (end of first term in the Games = 1,987 children, end of first year = over 4,000 children. An increase of 107%!), extensive efforts to engage with major stake-holders, and the unique and inclusive competition formats developed with the help of the NFL.

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American Football For Schools

American football delivered in a UK school will have little in common with the NFL (which tends to be the most common source of understanding and knowledge about American football in the UK).

The first barrier to successfully introducing it into either a primary or secondary school is to correct the many erroneous assumptions and beliefs about the sport that will be held by school management, parents and indeed the students.

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