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Effective delivery of netball lessons for a non-specialist PE teacher

Reading time: 3 minutes

Netball – typically, you either love to deliver it, or you loathe teaching it. But as the popularity of the sport rises – a whopping 151,000 people regularly take part in netball in England (Statista, 2022), particularly in the mixed and men’s format – it has become more important that PE teachers have the ability to deliver effective netball lessons to their pupils.

Traditionally, many have found the rules of netball ‘fiddly’ or ‘niggly’. In this article, we discuss some strategies that a non-specialist could use to support their delivery and ensure that the game of netball is delivered to the highest of standards.

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Effective skills coaching for both forms of rugby

Reading time: 2 minutes

Rugby League or Union: do you have a preference? These two types of rugby have as many differences as similarities, making each sport entirely different to watch or play.

However, there are some fundamental factors which are common to both, with certain skills benefiting players of either sport. Here’s a closer look at providing effective skills coaching which would be useful for both forms of rugby.

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