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Tactics for long distance track races

Long distance running – that track stretches out in front of even the most able of students. To improve and gain confidence, students need focus, goals and strategies.

But what are the best strategies for long distance track races? Is it just about training and ability or is there anything that you can do to achieve better performances through tactical race management?

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How running 400m regularly can benefit your 100m times

If you try to simply sprint for the finish line when you’re running the 100m, you’ll never reach your full potential. To get the best time takes more than running flat out; a combination of speed, endurance and impeccable technique produce the best results.

Therefore when you’re coaching athletes to run this shortest sprint, it can be beneficial to add in some other distances too such as the 400m.

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Implementing a Bikeability scheme at your school

For many schools, the battle against childhood obesity is a significant issue. A combination of lack of funding for PE and extra-curricular activities, and a generation of children addicted to smartphones, computers and gaming consoles, has created an unhealthy environment for our children.

While almost 20% of children in Year 6 (aged 10-11) are obese, a further 14.2% are overweight…..9.1% of children in Reception (aged 4-5) are obese and 12.8% are overweight.

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The effect that the Brownlee brothers have had on British Triathlon cannot be underestimated as they have dominated the sport and put triathlon on the map for many people in the country.

Alistair and Jonathon Brownlee are at the front of world Triathlon, with Jonny being on the podium for 42 races consecutively between July 2010 and May 2014, while Alistair is the current Olympic, Commonwealth European and former World Champion.

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Tennis – Training for Different Surfaces

Tennis is a sport that is played on a number of surfaces over the calendar year, therefore the athletes need to adapt to different conditions in order to train successfully. Some athletes do suit certain surfaces, such as Rafael Nadal who is widely considered as the “king of clay” thanks to his dominance at the French open where he has won 9 out of the last 10 tournaments. The three different surfaces are clay, grass and hard courts.

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