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PEOffice TV: Easy PE lessons during lockdown

Reading time: 2 minutes

PEOffice has today launched PEOffice TV to enable your children to continue to complete PE lessons during lockdown.

Exercise has been a major talking point of the lockdown, with concern raised that the measures would stop people getting their recommended amount of exercise.

Keep an eye on PEOffice’s Facebook page for future videos. For this week’s PE lesson click the link below. 

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5 fun warm ups to engage young children

Reading time: 2 minutes

The warm up is a crucial part of any PE lesson. It should prepare the body for exercises by gradually increasing heart rate and circulation.

The process of the warm up should loosen the joints and increase blood flow to the muscles, preparing the body for physical activity and preventing injuries.

Delivering physical education in the cooler months can be a challenge for teachers, yet with these five fun drills you can help to ensure pupils are engaged during the PE warm up.

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What is resilience in PE?

Reading time: 2 minutes

PE not only helps to encourage pupils to lead healthy lifestyles and enjoy participating in sports, it can also help to develop key life skills.

Such skills include confidence, teamwork, and working towards objectives and goals.

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Coaching for competitions

Reading time: 3 minutes

When you are coaching athletes to participate in competitions, there is much more involved than simply working on improving their performance.

Depending on the sport and the type of competition, there will be a wide range of other factors that you will need to consider as coach.

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