Assessment without Levels in Physical Education

PE Office has spoken of assessment without levels before, if we rewind to April 2014 we stated that ‘we all have to accept that level descriptors are no more and embrace the new challenge of assessment without levels…Embrace the new curriculum, because any short term pain from adapting to the new system will result in long term gain. I believe that change may prove to be a good thing for PE, provided we get it right.’

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Creating Effective Lesson Plans

It goes without saying that effective planning is of the utmost importance in PE.

There are certain factors that need to be considered during the planning process; if the teacher gets these wrong, the lesson will fail to be effective and will negatively influence the students’ learning

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Attainment in the New National Curriculum

Attainment: the action or fact of achieving a goal towards which one has worked. The Oxford English Dictionary.

Attainment is used in an educational process to show the students the levels they are working at and towards; a student getting a C at Christmas with their target grade being a B, for example. All forms of education, from year one to degree classification, have some form of attainment level system which allows people to strive to achieve their best.

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Softball Lesson Plan – Base Running

This softball lesson plan covers base running, developing pupils’ understanding of the laws governing running between bases, stealing and tagging.

The importance of communication with team mates should be emphasised throughout this lesson

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