Fitness and happiness

We stand on the verge of an all-out epidemic of childhood obesity. While we know all too well of the many heath implications of our youngsters’ struggle with weight issues, the implications for their mental health are lesser known and understood.

Yet, as we’ll go on to illustrate, fitness and happiness go hand in hand…

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Using technology to encourage exercise

Technology is often cited as a key contributor to our children’s obesity levels.

Parents compete with games consoles, handheld devices, computers and social media when trying to encourage their children to lead a more active lifestyle, and this lack of exercise has a negative impact on participation and performance levels in school.

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Healthy Eating for Healthy Living

The importance of healthy eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is taught to children in a number of subjects throughout the curriculum including food technology and PE. All children are told the saying “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, yet the population in England is becoming more and more obese.

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Promoting Active and Healthy Lifestyles

The ultimate goal of your teaching sport is to promote healthy and active lifestyles for your students. To do this effectively, you must introduce a healthy way of life early on in your activities.

Promoting active and healthy lifestyles is easy; it only gets difficult when you try to persuade your students to actually lead a healthy life. You should have the full trust of your students, and as long as you do, then your students are more likely to follow your example and your lead into an active life.

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