5 Ways to prepare for a remote or pre-recorded GCSE/ A-Level moderation

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Some schools may decide that live moderation just isn’t for them. Although significantly more work is required throughout the year than it would be for a live moderation, pupils may find it easier to achieve their full potential as only performances the candidates are happy with will be submitted to the moderator.

This method of moderation is particularly popular with those students of a nervous disposition or in schools with limited facilities.

Below are 5 ways to prepare for a successful remote/ pre-recorded moderation:

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5 Ways to prepare for a live GCSE or A-level moderation day

Reading time: 3 minutes

It is that dreaded day of the year…. Moderation day! But should it be? This is THE day prior to the examination period which can have an extremely positive impact on the grades your students achieve if it is done correctly. Below are 5 ways in which you can make the day run smoothly and efficiently whilst achieving the best marks possible for your students.

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