5 strategies of dealing with behaviour in changing rooms

Reading time: 3 minutes

The changing rooms – surely the most unique place in the school? It’s a place where ‘normal’ school routines can be difficult to apply and where different issues can arise.

Research into school changing rooms found that:

“the proximity to other bodies facilitates (perhaps even necessitates) a process of comparison, surveillance and self-regulation”

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5 fun games for wet weather lessons

Reading time: 3 minutes

Is there a more difficult decision to make than that of a PE department when the weather is awful?  Do you go outside and risk low effort and attainment, or stay inside and deliver an activity which moves away from the scheme of learning? Here we have a variety of activities you could use when the rain stops play…

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5 ways to differentiate in PE

Reading time: 2 minutes

One of the main roles of a PE teacher is to make sure every pupil has the opportunity to succeed, no matter their age, gender, ability or background. Studies have found:

“that implementing a differentiated approach to swimming teaching appears to represent a significant challenge, but this method facilitated student learning outcomes.”

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