Rugby Union

Effective skills coaching for both forms of rugby

Rugby League or Union: do you have a preference? These two types of rugby have as many differences as similarities, making each sport entirely different to watch or play.

However, there are some fundamental factors which are common to both, with certain skills benefiting players of either sport. Here’s a closer look at providing effective skills coaching which would be useful for both forms of rugby.

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Tag Rugby Lesson Plan – Passing

Tag rugby is a perfect inclusive sport, making a great introduction to rugby for all ages and abilities.

This lesson plan looks at passing with the objective of gaining understanding of the rules and laws regarding passing and catching the ball in this non-contact sport.

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Rugby Skills

England is set to host the Rugby union World Cup in 2015, two years after the rugby league world cup was joint hosted by England, France, Ireland and Wales. For our country to have hosted both world cups in the different formats shows how important rugby is to our nation. Without doubt English rugby union’s greatest moment came in 2003, when England won the world cup thanks to a drop goal from Johnny Wilkinson beat Australia 20-17.

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Participation in Rugby Union

With Round 1 of the Six Nations kicking off with Wales V England on 6th February, now is the perfect time to look at rugby union in schools. As of 2010, 66% of primary and secondary schools were providing rugby union sports provision.

Besides enjoyment and fitness, rugby union can develop a wide range of skills and values such as working in a team, determination, respect and sportsmanship.

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Tag Rugby Lesson Plan

This tag rugby lesson focusses on passing, specifically the ability to replicate, perform and catch the lateral pass. This lesson will also promote the understanding of laws on passing and catching the ball.

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Rugby Union Lesson Plan

This is a lesson plan for rugby union scrums. In it we practice binding at the scrums and explain and understand the roles of each of the front row positions.

Set up games that start from the scrum and award points for hooking the ball cleanly, strong binding and winning the ball against the head.

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