Tactics for long distance track races

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Long distance running – that track stretches out in front of even the most able of students. To improve and gain confidence, students need focus, goals and strategies.

But what are the best strategies for long distance track races? Is it just about training and ability or is there anything that you can do to achieve better performances through tactical race management?

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Track and Field Conditioning

Reading time: 2 minutes

Athletics as a sport is all about being the best in a given discipline; who can sprint the quickest, who can run a best distance in the fastest time, who can jump the furthest or who can throw the longest distance.

This is why training strategies such as strength conditioning plays such a huge part, especially to elite athletes who are trying to break world records and win medals. Strength and conditioning coaches will work alongside the athlete’s other coaches to calculate and form a precise training schedule to meet the needs of the sport.

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Paula Radcliffe’s Impact on Running

Reading time: 2 minutes

Paula Radcliffe is one of the most recognisable female marathon runners of the last 20 years and the London Marathon 2015 will be the last time she may participate in the event. At the age of 41, when she competes in this year’s London Marathon it will not be as a member of the elite athletes, rather she will run as part of the masses.

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