OAA – Aiming Off

This OAA problem solving lesson plan focuses on aiming off, developing knowledge and understanding of why it is important in orienteering.

By the end of the lesson, your pupils should be able to perform the skill of aiming off, selecting and using a range of tactics and strategies in order to overcome any challenge

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Gymnastics – Group Sequence

The objective of this lesson plan is for pupils to work in groups to create a gymnastics sequence lasting between 1 and 1.5 minutes.

This should enable pupils to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses, along with the strengths and weaknesses of other members of the group, and take these into account when creating their sequence.

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Literacy and numeracy through physical education

Consciously or unconsciously, everyone who takes part in sport at whatever level will use both literacy and numeracy skills.

From PE lessons of all Key Stages, to grassroots clubs of different sports, all the way to elite level athletes and their coaches, literacy and numeracy skills are utilised to a greater or lesser degree.

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Basic Skipping

When skipping is mentioned, two things spring to mind. One is the game played by children in a playground all over the world, the other is a training exercise used by many sports including boxing and football. Both have the ability to have a positive impact on a range of sports and for those who participate in those sports.

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Softball Lesson Plan – Base Running

This softball lesson plan covers base running, developing pupils’ understanding of the laws governing running between bases, stealing and tagging.

The importance of communication with team mates should be emphasised throughout this lesson

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Rugby Skills

England is set to host the Rugby union World Cup in 2015, two years after the rugby league world cup was joint hosted by England, France, Ireland and Wales. For our country to have hosted both world cups in the different formats shows how important rugby is to our nation. Without doubt English rugby union’s greatest moment came in 2003, when England won the world cup thanks to a drop goal from Johnny Wilkinson beat Australia 20-17.

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Forgetting PE Kit, or Forgetting PE?

“I forgot my PE kit” must be one of the most frequently heard statements at the beginning of any PE lesson, from swimming to outdoor sports, and there is possibly nothing more frustrating. Depending on the school’s policy this may mean finding extra kit, organising other work for them to do, or a student entirely missing yet another lesson.

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