How to Support Students with Special Needs in PE

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Physical education (PE) is a vital part of a well-rounded education, promoting physical development, teamwork, and a love for movement. However, creating an inclusive environment for students with special needs (SEN) can sometimes pose challenges. This blog is here to empower educators and caregivers with practical tips to foster a positive and enriching PE experience for all students, regardless of their individual abilities.

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Barriers to participation in PE for children with SEND

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Physical education (PE) is an important part of the school curriculum, but it can be a challenge for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). There are many barriers that can prevent these children from participating in PE, including physical, attitudinal, communication, self-confidence, fear of injury, and lack of support.

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3 ways to encourage SEND students with physical education

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SEND students may be physically unable or be in fear of participating in physical education. How can these students be encouraged to get more involved?

According to government statistics:

“Just under 1.5 million pupils in England have special educational needs”

SEND students can struggle with their physical education. Searching for solutions that suit these students’ needs can allow them to become more involved and encourage them to become more active. Here are three ways you can support SEND students to get involved with physical education.

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