Swimming – Water Familiarisation

Reading time: < 1 minute

This swimming lesson plan focuses on teaching the correct methods of getting in and out of the pool safely along with being able to use a variety of swimming techniques.

Getting familiar with the water is key for this lesson plan, including discussion of the dangers, signs and safety.

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Swimming on the Curriculum

Reading time: 2 minutes

As a swimming coach I know all the problems with teaching swimming, not least the cost, the extra time it takes, the fact at least one person forgets their swimming kit, or has a cold, or really doesn’t want to get in the water, and let’s not even discuss the ones that are so afraid of water they’re crying on the bus, so do we need swimming on the curriculum?

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Swimming Lesson Plan

Reading time: < 1 minute

This swimming lesson plan enables your pupils to accurately replicate the basic front crawl.

Pupils can demonstrate their understanding of the benefits of using more strength and speed when replicating the kicks and pulls to assist propulsion.

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