Advice for someone going into teaching PE

Reading time: 3 minutes

After three or even four years of university, placements, teaching practice, coaching opportunities and endless other experiences, you’ve finally made it – you’re a qualified PE teacher, ready to take on the world! Whilst you may feel like you’re all set, in reality, the learning is only just getting started and continues throughout your career. In this article, we explore advice that a current experienced teacher and head of PE would give to their NQT-self…

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Effective delivery of netball lessons for a non-specialist PE teacher

Reading time: 3 minutes

Netball – typically, you either love to deliver it, or you loathe teaching it. But as the popularity of the sport rises – a whopping 151,000 people regularly take part in netball in England (Statista, 2022), particularly in the mixed and men’s format – it has become more important that PE teachers have the ability to deliver effective netball lessons to their pupils.

Traditionally, many have found the rules of netball ‘fiddly’ or ‘niggly’. In this article, we discuss some strategies that a non-specialist could use to support their delivery and ensure that the game of netball is delivered to the highest of standards.

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5 Tips when teaching Rugby

Reading time: 2 minutes

Coaching students is one of the most important stages in how a young person will experience a sport and can be the beginning of a lifelong journey or even a profession. It is important then, to make sure that the experience for those children encourages and supports them.

Here are 5 tips for coaching that can help your students find their enjoyment of Rugby.

1. Keep it simple

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Current challenges in PE lessons today and how to overcome them

Reading time: 3 minutes

PE teaching can sometimes feel like the most rewarding yet most challenging role around. Constantly having to adapt to meet the needs of the students and overcome barriers to participation are par for the course. So what are the biggest challenges in a PE lesson, and how could we overcome them?

Fitness and engagement

The first issue you may find is that some of your pupils aren’t physically able to take part in lessons due to low fitness or ability levels. Some pupils may also be reluctant to take part in PE lessons due to concerns over their fitness levels, feelings of embarrassment or a lack of confidence.

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5 Ways to make sure students remember their PE Kit

Reading time: 3 minutes

Secondary teacher Katie O’Sullivan outlines five ways you can help your students remember their PE kit. 

From a PE teacher’s perspective, there are clear signs that some students display when they forget their PE kit. So what strategies can help students to remember their PE essentials?

Sometimes they look sheepish and are afraid of the impending consequence, sometimes they adopt a severe limp as they approach the changing rooms, and some have that look of horror when they open their bag and realise they’re missing the crucial items. No matter the school setting, one of the barriers that PE teachers face is pupils who haven’t got the right kit to take part in a lesson. So what can be done?

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