You can still revise at home if school closes

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Speculation is mounting that schools could close for a significant period due to coronavirus – but you can still revise at home to ensure you don’t fall behind on preparation for summer exams.

Schools across the UK have been told to brace themselves for two week closures – and told to get ready GCSE and A-level coursework, as well as homework.

The Government COBRA meeting this afternoon is likely to decide when and for how long the school closures will be in operation. This blog post explains how during the inconvenience which is likely to be caused due to the virus, PEOffice can help you to revise at home.

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How coronavirus is affecting sporting events

Reading time: 4 minutes

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said yesterday that the world is in “unchartered territory” on the coronavirus outbreak. The UK Government is today expected to announce a plan to combat the virus, including an effect on school, travel arrangements and sporting events.

Sporting events have already been affected heavily by the virus around the world. Major international events have already been cancelled, while domestic sport in a number of countries is also under threat.

But what has been done so far to stop the virus spreading through sport – and how are this summer’s events such as the Olympics and European Championships likely to be affected. This blog post explains.

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