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Speculation is mounting that schools could close for a significant period due to coronavirus – but you can still revise at home to ensure you don’t fall behind on preparation for summer exams.

Schools across the UK have been told to brace themselves for two week closures – and told to get ready GCSE and A-level coursework, as well as homework.

The Government COBRA meeting this afternoon is likely to decide when and for how long the school closures will be in operation. This blog post explains how during the inconvenience which is likely to be caused due to the virus, PEOffice can help you to revise at home.


Latest on coronavirus in schools

The Republic of Ireland has today confirmed that schools and colleges will be closed in the country from today until 29 March.

In the UK, an emergency COBRA meeting will take place today. The response to the meeting is expected to encourage more people to stay at home – and it could include school closures across the UK.

You can follow live updates on how the coronavirus is affecting schools here.


Why you still need to revise at home

Students need to continue their education or risk being behind. The outcome of a couple of weeks away from school create gaps in knowledge for pupils, and place increased pressure on schools to prepare pupils in time for GCSE and A-level exams when they return.

It is therefore essential for pupils to revise at home during this period.

Revision has two main benefits: it helps you to remember facts, figures and topics that were covered some time ago. It also helps pupils increase confidence and reduce anxiety.


How PEOffice can help pupils to revise at home

PEOffice is an online platform dedicated for PE teachers, departments, students and coaches.

Homework, revision schemes and assessments can make up the ultimate resource bank for PE teachers and students – and mean pupils stay on top of their studies.

It can also feature quizzes and games, to tailor a scheme for every pupil. The analysis tool and behaviour tracker means you can keep on top of the performance of every student online.

For more information on PEOffice click here or call 01909 776900.

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