Get Moving

Is sport accessible to all?

It’s not just lack of ability or desire stopping kids getting access to activity, there are a number of other barriers, too.

This series has looked at how to get kids moving, a goal we can all agree is worthwhile. But is physical activity accessible to all students? We look at some potential barriers preventing children from getting active.

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Increasing activity safely

It’s easy to overdo things when you’re starting out with a new exercise regime, and youngsters are particularly liable to get over-enthusiastic. Follow our advice to keep students safe and healthy.

If you’ve been following our series on getting kids moving, your students should already have made that all important first step to improving their activity levels.

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A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about doing sport at prescribed times

In part one of this series we looked at how the majority of UK children don’t get the government-recommended minimum of 60 minutes’ moderate exercise per day, and ways to address this.

The activities suggested can be categorised as four main types: everyday activities; getting out in nature; organised sports; and active play.

Here we’ll consider each in a bit more detail.

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