How running 400m regularly can benefit your 100m times

If you try to simply sprint for the finish line when you’re running the 100m, you’ll never reach your full potential. To get the best time takes more than running flat out; a combination of speed, endurance and impeccable technique produce the best results.

Therefore when you’re coaching athletes to run this shortest sprint, it can be beneficial to add in some other distances too such as the 400m.

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The effect that the Brownlee brothers have had on British Triathlon cannot be underestimated as they have dominated the sport and put triathlon on the map for many people in the country.

Alistair and Jonathon Brownlee are at the front of world Triathlon, with Jonny being on the podium for 42 races consecutively between July 2010 and May 2014, while Alistair is the current Olympic, Commonwealth European and former World Champion.

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Track and Field Conditioning

Athletics as a sport is all about being the best in a given discipline; who can sprint the quickest, who can run a best distance in the fastest time, who can jump the furthest or who can throw the longest distance.

This is why training strategies such as strength conditioning plays such a huge part, especially to elite athletes who are trying to break world records and win medals. Strength and conditioning coaches will work alongside the athlete’s other coaches to calculate and form a precise training schedule to meet the needs of the sport.

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Paula Radcliffe’s Impact on Running

Paula Radcliffe is one of the most recognisable female marathon runners of the last 20 years and the London Marathon 2015 will be the last time she may participate in the event. At the age of 41, when she competes in this year’s London Marathon it will not be as a member of the elite athletes, rather she will run as part of the masses.

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Teaching Cross Country

Cross country is a sport that is all about fitness and stamina, two elements which can have a positive impact on a child’s cognitive function outside of PE (Mokgothu, 2007).

Sport should be accessible to all, regardless of background or physical ability. Teachers and coaches, whether in a classroom or outside on the school field, are the ones who can inspire anyone to thrive in a given subject. Within the curriculum, PE is about increasing participation and incorporating a competitive element to develop physical literacy.

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Athletics Lesson Plan

With the Glasgow International Match taking place on Saturday 24 January, this athletics lesson plan provides a perfect introduction to the basic sprint start.

Lesson Plan Objectives:

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