Racket Sports – Badminton and Tennis Technique

Technique is a topic which is heavily discussed in sport as people of all ages strive to achieve the “text book” technique of their sport, whether that be a volley in football, hurdling in athletics or serving in tennis.  All the professional tennis and badminton players around the world had to start somewhere, usually involving a PE teacher showing them a “perfect example” of a current world-class athlete in the sport.

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Badminton Lesson Plan – Attacking Skills

With the Badminton All England Championships taking place in Birmingham March 3rd-8th, this lesson plan looks to develop your pupils’ attacking skills.

The Back Hand Drive is the focus of this lesson with grip, footwork and body position being covered.

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Badminton – Peer Performance

Peer performance observation and coaching others for partner work is the subject for this badminton lesson plan.

Pupils should be able to identify the faults and weaknesses of their own technique and the technique of others, and provide feedback on how to improve performance.

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Badminton Lesson Plan – Singles

This lesson plan focuses on creating power and fluency in attack and defensive shots in a singles game of badminton.

Your pupils should also be able to anticipate the shot their opponent is going to play in order to be ready to cover that area of the court.

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Badminton Lesson Plan – Serving

This plan on serving should develop the ability to perform a forehand and backhand serve.

The range of service skills, tactics and approaches taught should be transferred to gain ascendency in practices and games.

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