Cricket Lesson Plan – Pull Shot

This cricket lesson plan focuses on the pull shot– including understanding how this shot is played; what types of delivery are appropriate for the pull shot; what movements have to be made to perform the pull shot with accuracy.

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Cricket Lesson Plan – Retrieving Fast Moving Balls

With the cricket test matches starting this week, engage your pupils with this fielding lesson plan.

This lesson will develop your pupils’ skills in being able to retrieve a fast moving ball to gain ascendancy over the batting team, along with performing an accurate pick up and throw on the move.

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Teaching cricket in schools

As with any lesson in the classroom, PE Teachers and coaches are the ones that can inspire and drive the interest in any subject they teach, including PE.

Whilst there is a common train of thought to make everything we do inclusive for all children regardless of their ability and experience, the best advice for delivering sport is “make it fun”.

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Encouraging participation in cricket clubs

Teaching and coaching cricket in school is one thing, but as with any sport it should not stop there.

Many children may already be playing for cricket clubs and teams outside of school, but what can teachers do and what is out there to encourage participation in cricket outside of school for those children that currently don’t play?

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Cricket – Fielding

This lesson plan is for the one-handed retrieval in cricket.

This fielding lesson should develop your pupils’ ability to perform the one-handed retrieval and to understand why this method is used in cricket.

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