5 fun fitness drills for isolation

Reading time: 2 minutes

Keeping fit has a range of benefits which means it should not be forgotten about during isolation. By taking part in fitness drills you can strengthen your immune system, boost your mental health and feel better about yourself during frightening times.

The UK Government has stressed the need to only leave the house for essentials, or to complete one form of exercise per day.

This blog post will provide you with a range of fun fitness drills, suitable for all ages, which you can complete in your home and garden.

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5 fun warm ups to engage young children

Reading time: 2 minutes

The warm up is a crucial part of any PE lesson. It should prepare the body for exercises by gradually increasing heart rate and circulation.

The process of the warm up should loosen the joints and increase blood flow to the muscles, preparing the body for physical activity and preventing injuries.

Delivering physical education in the cooler months can be a challenge for teachers, yet with these five fun drills you can help to ensure pupils are engaged during the PE warm up.

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5 fun drills…for tennis doubles

Reading time: 3 minutes

Quick, rapid reactions are key to performing well when playing tennis doubles, and whilst reactions must be fast, accuracy and strength must also play key roles.

If tennis singles is demanding, then doubles is doubly so as a pair of players must understand one another and work together in unison. You need a diverse collection of drills to hone a wide range of skills if your students are to improve their doubles performance.

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5 Fun drills for rugby league

Reading time: 5 minutes

Rugby league focuses on the key skills of handling, passing, running and tackling. Players are expected to have quick hands, good sprint speed with bursts of pace to try to break tackles, and the strength to tackle and halt their opponents’ runs.

Here are 5 drills that we hope you will find useful to help your rugby league players enhance these key skills.

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