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Keeping fit has a range of benefits which means it should not be forgotten about during isolation. By taking part in fitness drills you can strengthen your immune system, boost your mental health and feel better about yourself during frightening times.

The UK Government has stressed the need to only leave the house for essentials, or to complete one form of exercise per day.

This blog post will provide you with a range of fun fitness drills, suitable for all ages, which you can complete in your home and garden.

Drill 1: Step ups

This can be done using a stool or a stair. Step right foot, then left, onto the chair and then step down. Switch your starting side with each step. You can do this to the beat of your favourite song if you wish.

Drill 2: Walk like a crab

Sit with your knees bent and flat on the ground. Next, place the palms of your hands on the floor behind you. Lift your hips a few inches then walk forwards on your hands and feet like a crab. Once you’ve done this, you can do the same thing – backwards!

Drill 3: Cartwheels

Follow the instructions above on how to do a cartwheel. If you do this inside, you’ll want to make sure you clear a space to complete your monoeuvre.

You can challenge your brothers and sisters to this challenge to see who is the ultimate cartwheel king or queen.

Drill 4: Calf Raises

From a standing position, lift onto your tiptoes and hold the position for as long as you can. When you have done, gently lower back into a standing position. 

Drill 5: Superman stretches

For this drill, lie face down with your arms and legs extended. Keep your neck relaxed and try to slowly lift your arms and legs as high as you can. Hold the ‘superman’ pose, then lower.

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