Netball lesson plan – step and shoot

This netball lesson plan covers the step and shoot technique, including objectives, teaching points and performance evaluation.

  • how and when to perform the step and shoot technique.
  • developing the skills to use when shooting with steps.
  • whole-body skills and fine manipulation skills when performing the shot.
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Netball Lesson Plan – Passing and Receiving

Passing and receiving are covered in this netball lesson plan, serving to improve your students’ decision making, knowledge and understanding of the different types of passing used in netball.

This should be followed up by discussion of the pros and cons of each pass.

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Netball Competitive Lesson Plan

This lesson focuses on pivoting, using correct footwork when passing the ball, the chest pass and bounce pass. These activities are ideal for working in pairs and in small teams.

This plan also includes ideas for adapting each activity for different ability levels.

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Netball Lesson Plan

Here’s a lesson plan that will give your pupils skills training in two- and one-handed shooting in netball.

The structure is simple with a warm up and down as well as practising shooting with one or both hands to gain proficiency.

Use games with smaller teams to focus on shooting and rebounding and practice not only the physical skills but also the understanding of tactics and strategies.

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