What is resilience in PE?

PE not only helps to encourage pupils to lead healthy lifestyles and enjoy participating in sports, it can also help to develop key life skills.

Such skills include confidence, teamwork, and working towards objectives and goals.

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Coaching for competitions

When you are coaching athletes to participate in competitions, there is much more involved than simply working on improving their performance.

Depending on the sport and the type of competition, there will be a wide range of other factors that you will need to consider as coach.

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How running 400m regularly can benefit your 100m times

If you try to simply sprint for the finish line when you’re running the 100m, you’ll never reach your full potential. To get the best time takes more than running flat out; a combination of speed, endurance and impeccable technique produce the best results.

Therefore when you’re coaching athletes to run this shortest sprint, it can be beneficial to add in some other distances too such as the 400m.

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Video Analysis in Sport

Technology has developed over the years, with video cameras being more advanced, iPads being used to analyse sport and even phones now being used to analyse performance.

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Track and Field Conditioning

Athletics as a sport is all about being the best in a given discipline; who can sprint the quickest, who can run a best distance in the fastest time, who can jump the furthest or who can throw the longest distance.

This is why training strategies such as strength conditioning plays such a huge part, especially to elite athletes who are trying to break world records and win medals. Strength and conditioning coaches will work alongside the athlete’s other coaches to calculate and form a precise training schedule to meet the needs of the sport.

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British Gymnastics is currently seeing a purple patch with medals for both males and Females, such as Beth Tweddle, Louis Smith MBE & Max Whitlock winning numerous medals over recent years.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a female only competition in the Olympics and the athletes can be 16 years old when competing at the highest level.

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Attainment in the New National Curriculum

Attainment: the action or fact of achieving a goal towards which one has worked. The Oxford English Dictionary.

Attainment is used in an educational process to show the students the levels they are working at and towards; a student getting a C at Christmas with their target grade being a B, for example. All forms of education, from year one to degree classification, have some form of attainment level system which allows people to strive to achieve their best.

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Demonstrating Improvement in Sports

In previous blog posts we have looked into a wide range of activities to help increase participation and develop your pupils’ confidence to get involved. Although your pupils may be making some good improvement in the sports and activities they are taking part in, sometimes they may not see their development. It is beneficial to you to point it out to them, because if you don’t they may lose all interest in the sport.

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