What is resilience in PE?

PE not only helps to encourage pupils to lead healthy lifestyles and enjoy participating in sports, it can also help to develop key life skills.

Such skills include confidence, teamwork, and working towards objectives and goals.

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How to coach mental preparedness for competitive sport

It’s a universally accepted fact that sports performance can be positively impacted by mental preparedness and fortitude, and that visual imagery can hand sportspeople a competitive edge (just as it does for Wayne Rooney, Jonny Wilkinson and Andy Murray).

Yet despite this, most coaches focus much of their training efforts on physical aspects. Too tough, too complex, too unscientific? Actually, mental preparation has plenty of science behind it, and it’s far simpler to harness than you may have previously thought.

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How to train for a sporting event

Are your students preparing for a big sporting event? Whether it’s running, cycling, swimming or something else, our practical advice will help you get them ready.

If you’ve been following our Get Moving! series you’ve hopefully inspired your students to participate in more sport and maybe even sparked a real passion for for it.

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Football – Teaching Tactics

Football is the biggest sport in England, with over 2 million people over the age of 16 playing once a week, and millions of children playing regularly.

This being the case, understanding tactics is an important part of the sport. But how young should coaches start to teach tactics to children? And how important are tactics to children’s development at grassroots level?

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Track and Field Conditioning

Athletics as a sport is all about being the best in a given discipline; who can sprint the quickest, who can run a best distance in the fastest time, who can jump the furthest or who can throw the longest distance.

This is why training strategies such as strength conditioning plays such a huge part, especially to elite athletes who are trying to break world records and win medals. Strength and conditioning coaches will work alongside the athlete’s other coaches to calculate and form a precise training schedule to meet the needs of the sport.

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