5 Ways to Improve the Well-being of PE Staff

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Physical education (PE) staff play an important role in the health and well-being of children and young people. However, they can also be at risk of burnout and stress.

The Department for Education recently proposed a new plan to deliver high-quality PE and sport for all pupils. This should allow more support for teachers and students regarding their physical education.

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3 reasons why physical education benefits mental health, wellbeing and development

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Physical education plays a significant role in the Mental health and well-being of children. Research published by the National Library of Medicine stated that:

“Regular physical activity promotes growth and development and has multiple benefits for physical, mental, and psychosocial health that undoubtedly contribute to learning”

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The importance of PE in the curriculum

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There is no denying the importance of Physical Education to the health and wellbeing of a child. The benefits to a child of being physically active are proven and profound. In this article, we summarise the significance of PE in whole-child development.

1. Physical wellbeing

The obesity crisis in the UK is well documented, with a government action plan published in 2017 stating that almost a third of 2 to 15-year-olds are considered to be obese, and that these people are continuing to remain overweight into adulthood. This can lead to a myriad of health issues, both physical and mental. A Stay Active paper published by the Chief Medical Officers in 2011 highlights the strong evidence between younger children who are physically active having less prevalent health issues. The research suggests that pupils who are physically active at school from a young age are more likely to remain active as they get older, increasing the likelihood that they remain healthy.

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PEOffice TV: Easy PE lessons during lockdown

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PEOffice has today launched PEOffice TV to enable your children to continue to complete PE lessons during lockdown.

Exercise has been a major talking point of the lockdown, with concern raised that the measures would stop people getting their recommended amount of exercise.

Keep an eye on PEOffice’s Facebook page for future videos. For this week’s PE lesson click the link below. 

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5 fun fitness drills for isolation

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Keeping fit has a range of benefits which means it should not be forgotten about during isolation. By taking part in fitness drills you can strengthen your immune system, boost your mental health and feel better about yourself during frightening times.

The UK Government has stressed the need to only leave the house for essentials, or to complete one form of exercise per day.

This blog post will provide you with a range of fun fitness drills, suitable for all ages, which you can complete in your home and garden.

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How coronavirus is affecting sporting events

Reading time: 4 minutes

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said yesterday that the world is in “unchartered territory” on the coronavirus outbreak. The UK Government is today expected to announce a plan to combat the virus, including an effect on school, travel arrangements and sporting events.

Sporting events have already been affected heavily by the virus around the world. Major international events have already been cancelled, while domestic sport in a number of countries is also under threat.

But what has been done so far to stop the virus spreading through sport – and how are this summer’s events such as the Olympics and European Championships likely to be affected. This blog post explains.

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