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PEOffice has today launched PEOffice TV to enable your children to continue to complete PE lessons during lockdown.

Exercise has been a major talking point of the lockdown, with concern raised that the measures would stop people getting their recommended amount of exercise.

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Why is exercise essential for mental health?

According to the Daily Mail it has become “more important than ever” for people to maintain fitness at home, but it is argued the absence of school-based PE lessons could hinder this.

Wendy Brown from the University of Queensland’s School of Human Movement studies says:

For those who may be sitting much more, most notably because they have ‘lost’ activity from their daily commune, it is even more important to be physically active.

Studies have also shown that a lack of physical activity can have an adverse effect on mental health.

Professor Nannette Mutrie, expert of exercise and sport psychology,  said in 2007 that a person’s risk of depression doubles if they are inactive.


Why is PE important?

PE as a whole brings about the following benefits for children:

  • Children learn the importance of exercising for a lifetime
  • Regular physical activity is the best antidote to eliminate obesity and maintain a good body weight
  • It provides a healthy alternative to unhealthy hobbies, such as watching television and playing computer games 
  • It enables them to develop competences and creates confidence and can lead to greater participation in a wide range of sports
  • It helps to improves various elements of fitness, including strength, flexibility and muscular endurance.
  • It can aid personal development leading to better self-discipline
  • It promotes the opportunity for children to become creative
  • It helps to ease stress, tension and anxiety
  • It improves teamworking skills


Take part in today’s PEOffice TV lesson

You can watch today’s PEOffice lesson here.

The activities are both fun to get involved with and simple for children to carry out. The demonstrations are expertly carried out by kids Molly and Matilda, with assistance from PEOffice’s highly trained staff.

At PEOffice we have a wide range of lesson plans and scheme of weeks for PE lessons through primary and secondary school. Our electronic VLE also means you can track and monitor student progress and deliver your own analysis and feedback.

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