Teaching English through sport

Sport and physical education, although a unique and important subject on its own, can also be used as a vehicle to be able to teach other core subjects. For teaching English, this can be in the form of speaking, listening, reading or writing as part of PE lessons and extracurricular activities. Sport is one of the few very subjects where discussion and team work are used in the majority of, if not all, lessons.

Students in PE lessons should be encouraged to coach each other and offer constructive criticism when they make a mistake as this will improve their confidence in public speaking and develop the way they construct sentences both verbally and in their written English.

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Football – Teaching Tactics

Football is the biggest sport in England, with over 2 million people over the age of 16 playing once a week, and millions of children playing regularly.

This being the case, understanding tactics is an important part of the sport. But how young should coaches start to teach tactics to children? And how important are tactics to children’s development at grassroots level?

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Football Outreach Programmes

Football in England is the biggest sport for participation, viewership and TV rights. This being the case, many people would assume that football outreach programmes would not be required, however, there are sections of society the figures suggest are not making it to the highest level.

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Getting Girls Involved in Football

With over 1.4 million women and girls currently playing football in Britain, it is the country’s most popular female team sport for participation. Since 2013 when a strategy launched by the football league trust, the FA and the Premier League the number of females between 14-25 years old regularly taking part in football has risen by over 20,000.

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