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As a teacher, some things are changeable based on your personality and philosophy, but there are some essentials for every PE teacher to bear in mind and to take to every lesson or session, without question.

Never take away belief: always build

The worst thing a teacher can do is take away the belief and confidence of a pupil they are teaching. Hence, be aware of your words, your actions and the impact that those words can have on a pupil. Always build belief in a child’s ability, regardless if they are experienced or are a complete novice. Encouragement goes a long way.

Be inspirational

Every player and every session is special. When someone comes to your class or lesson, make sure you coach and deliver each session with enthusiasm, drive, enjoyment and passion. Children who love the lessons or sessions you undertake will hang onto each word, inevitably ask great questions, develop well, and keep that interest by coming back for more.

Further down the line you may see that these children may be passionate about working with others and about working within the game.

The impact you as teachers can have may be significant not only in the immediate and short term, but also for the future. You could well see that by teaching and coaching children now, it may inspire them and others to not only take up the game in the future but also develop into PE teacher and coaches in their own right through their own interest and ambitions.

Coach your best: you never know who you are coaching

A child or young person’s positive experiences in sport at an early age are essential.

It helps in encouraging their participation in the game, igniting the passion that they have for a sport and refining their techniques, mindsets, perspectives and competitiveness. The role of the PE teacher in this process is significant, so coach and teach your best, always! 

The PE teacher should be someone who is bubbly, positive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, friendly, fun and focused on developing the potential in every one of those children that are standing in front of him.

That teacher cannot predict what level those children could potentially attain in their careers, and at that point of teaching it does not matter.

It is all about giving them all an enthusiastic, fun, informative positive experience here and now.