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PE, or physical education, has long been thought of as a practical and “hands-on” topic in schools, which requires closeness and physical contact. But because of the Covid-19 epidemic, there have been considerable changes made to the delivery of physical education, and these changes have brought about severe ramifications for preservice physical education instructors.

What are the main changes to PE delivery in schools

The interactive electronic infrastructures have become more crucial components of the teaching pedagogy as we look beyond the epidemic. This article investigates the possibilities these resources provide for physical education in schools (PE).

Use of Digital Technology

In addition, various digital technologies, such as those that facilitate instructional practices, monitoring and recording, and the provision of informative feedback both within and outside of the classroom, may help improve competence support.

Gamifying the exercises

Gamified components like quests, challenges, or objectives provide substantial support for player autonomy since they allow players to traverse the activities and provide them with an option on how to do so.

Reward-based exercises

Next, gaming elements like reward points, levels, and accomplishments provide players with a wealth of informative input. This, in conjunction with graded tasks or groups, is a supporting factor for the demand for competence.

Use of online live classes

Video technology may help foster competence by demonstrating ideal models of physical performance, providing informative feedback, analysing performance, or evaluating learning progress. The capability of mobile devices such as iPads can record, edit, and distribute video footage has also significantly increased options to use live video feedback within physical education (PE).

Are there enough measures in place?

Students can take live classes.

The student’s educational experience may undoubtedly benefit by receiving direct instruction from industry experts and helping from the incorporation of real-world knowledge. The value of the online learning paradigm might be significantly increased if business people were invited to teach courses virtually.

One-to-one mentorship by skilled teachers

They can share their expertise with the students, which will unquestionably improve the industrial interface between the educational institution and the business sector. On top of that, we should see an increase in our employability due to these kinds of activities.

Required high maintenance

Removing the expenditures associated with maintaining and constructing infrastructure would be the most significant adjustment that may help bring the cost of education down. To accommodate many students, an educational institution must have an expansive and well-maintained physical space. Additionally, a significant amount of money is invested in the general upkeep, examination, and other procedures. Institutes can efficiently operate their live courses and opt to conduct the examination procedure online utilising protected technologies such as remote proctoring because of the widespread availability of modern technology.

Solutions offered by EdTech companies

The use of technology in educational settings, such as schools and universities, will inevitably result in operational changes. The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has significantly impacted the whole educational procedure and academic routine.

The field of education is making a concerted effort to find new and original methods by which the process of delivering education can be advanced through the use of live classes and online exams with the assistance of technologies such as remote proctoring. This effort is being made prominently.

EdTech firms can concentrate on the Physical Training subject area of the GCSE Physical Education specification, including topics such as the training methods, the principles of training, the components of fitness, and the effects of training on the body. 


These strategies may help physical education (PE) promote lifetime participation. The theory and research data connected to physical literacy are especially pertinent when considering how to encourage such an ambition for physical education. One may say that COVID-19 has revolutionised how the topic of physical education is taught. Check how by booking a free demo today!

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