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Maintaining quality subject delivery for a range of students has never been easy for PE educators, but today there are more tools than ever to help. With several online resource platforms available offering comprehensive support solutions, you can find assistance for every situation.

Here are three ways that online resources can help with quality PE delivery for your classes.

1. Better Planning

One of the biggest challenges educators will face in PE is creating an engaging and cohesive lesson plan that spans a term or year. It can be easy to fall into the trap of having disjointed lessons that switch from one topic to another without really taking the students on a journey to a specific destination.

Online resources can help with this. Some offer complete lesson plans and strategies for a term or year; others may offer guidelines for covering a specific topic across multiple lessons to create a cohesive approach to learning. Whether you use such plans as presented or take them as inspiration for custom plans to suit your specific students, these online resources offer an invaluable tool for every PE educator and department admin team.

2. Improved Athlete Analysis

Progress is not always easy to quantify, however with the right tools, educators can easily track student development. This is useful for identifying weaknesses that an athlete should focus on, but also allows educators to help students of all abilities improve and grow.

The first step to helping someone reach their potential is understanding where they are right now, and with many online tools to support individual teachers and departments, online platforms offer the right help for every situation.

3. Increase student engagement

One key way that is proven to aid in student engagement is to add multimedia presentations and other educational material into the PE curriculum. Online platforms offer a wealth of new materials that can be used within classes, covering every type of media possible. From video or audio presentations to digital books and other assets, they provide a different way to deliver information.

With students today seeing digital information consumption as the norm, bringing it into the PE environment makes sense. Ready-made content speeds up lesson prep and provides a robust core of a lesson plan without requiring extensive additional work, allowing educators to focus on the delivery of the lesson rather than the mechanics of the process. In return, students receive a more engaging experience in formats they are comfortable with.


Together these tools and benefits of online educational material mean that teachers can have a more refined lesson plan, for both individual lessons and long-term strategies, and then deliver those strategies more engagingly, while also having a more easily accessible approach for gauging student performance and improvement.
Crucially, this is all achieved without taking extra time from an educator’s busy schedule, with plans, materials and tools provided ready to plug into any lesson and long-term strategy.

If you are in search of online resources that can help with your PE delivery, then consider using the PE Office‘s platform. Lesson plans and schemes of work for over 20 different sports can be accessed and downloaded to help students elevate their understanding of a particular skill or area they may be struggling with. Teachers can also create their own lesson plans and can assign homework or revision content with pre-recorded lesson content from qualified teachers.

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