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Keeping students engaged in PE class can be a challenge. This blog is here to inject some fun into your lesson plans with 5 energetic games that will have your students jumping, dodging, and begging for more PE.

1. Capture the Flag: A Classic with a Twist

This timeless game gets a fun update. Divide the class into two teams and designate two “flags” on opposite sides of the gym. The goal? Steal the other team’s flag and bring it back to your base without getting tagged! Here’s the twist: allow players to purchase “power-ups” with pre-earned points throughout the week for things like temporary speed boosts or shields. These points can be awarded for good sportsmanship, participation, or completing mini-challenges.

2. Partner Tag Relay Race

This is a twist on the traditional relay race. Students pair up, facing opposite directions. On “Go!”, one student sprints across the gym, tags their partner’s hand, and then their partner sprints back. This keeps the entire class moving at once and eliminates waiting around. Change things up by incorporating different movement styles – skipping, hopping on one leg, crab walking – for each round.

3. Balloon Stomp

Everyone loves a good balloon stomp! Tie an inflated balloon to each student’s ankle. The objective? Pop other players’ balloons while protecting your own! This fast-paced game gets everyone moving and encourages strategic thinking. Set a time limit or play until a certain number of balloons remain. Declare the player with the most balloons remaining the winner!

4. Knockout Dodgeball (with a Safe Zone!)

Dodgeball can be a fun game, but it can also lead to some students getting knocked out early and losing interest. Here’s a solution: Designate a safe zone (halfway line or designated cones) on the court. Students who get hit by a dodgeball can retreat to the safe zone and re-enter the game after a set amount of time (5-10 seconds). This keeps everyone involved and adds a strategic layer to the game.

5. Parachute Playtime

This isn’t your average parachute game! Instead of simple waves, get creative! Have students hold the parachute taut and use it to create a “launchpad” for beach balls or beanbags. Students can take turns throwing the objects onto the parachute and watch them bounce and fly. You can even use the parachute to create a moving obstacle course by raising and lowering different sections for students to crawl under or jump over.

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