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A positive school culture is the heart of a thriving learning environment. But did you know it can also be the key to getting kids excited about physical activity? Here are some ways to create a school culture that celebrates movement and sets your students up for a lifetime of healthy habits.

1. Make Movement Fun, Positive and Inclusive

Ditch the boring laps around the gym! Infuse physical education (PE) classes with a variety of activities that cater to different interests and abilities. Think dance parties, team games with modified rules, or even incorporating fitness challenges into traditional lessons.

2. Break Up the Day with a Movement Break

Sitting for long periods can be draining for students. Combat this by incorporating short movement breaks throughout the day. Simple stretches, jumping jacks, or even classroom yoga poses can re-energise students and improve focus.

3. Celebrate Effort and Make it a Community Effort

Focus on the joy of movement and celebrate effort over athletic ability. Organise school-wide events like walk-a-thons or colour runs. Encourage teachers and staff to participate alongside students to create a sense of community and shared purpose.

4. Involve Parents and the Community

Parents play a crucial role in encouraging healthy habits. Work with them to promote physical activity at home and invite them to participate in school events. Community partnerships with sports clubs or fitness centres can also offer additional resources and activities.

5. Make Your School a Movement-Friendly Zone

Is your school environment encouraging physical activity? Consider creating walking paths, installing active play equipment during recess, or even incorporating designated movement zones within the building. These small changes can make a big difference in how much students move throughout the day.

Embed an online platform

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