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Mental health is as important as physical health for people of all ages. Having a good mental health state is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Mental health for students becomes even more important as they have to face numerous challenges and uncertainties. Many experience anxiety associated with academic performance, career choices, and even societal pressures. These numerous factors ultimately lead to severe stress, panic attacks, and, in some cases, isolation.

Most students may even face violence or a lack of support from their parents, friends, and families. In these cases, teachers might be the only support system they have. Hence, it is crucial for teachers and mentors to support their students in whatever way they can. The most effective method to do so would be through the means of physical education, as physical activities refresh the mind and help increase focus, promote growth, build up mental capacity, and provide numerous other benefits. Here are 3 ways you can support students’ mental health through physical education:

Physical activities like obstacle courses help increase brain function.

Physical activity is proven to help develop and aid brain growth. Several studies have found that practising cardiovascular exercise helps the brain’s overall performance in cardiovascular exercise helps the brain’s overall performance. Regular physical activity keeps the mind and body in good shape, helping the mind stay fresh and focused. Physical activity is also proven to boost creativity, imagination, and inspiration, enabling students to remain charged and determined all day long. That is why having students play sports that focus on teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking can do wonders for them. Students can be made to engage in activities like obstacle courses, cricket, etc., which can help improve and increase brain function. This, in turn, will help in preventing numerous brain illnesses, diseases, and disorders that are commonly associated with the modern lifestyle.

Physical activity like aerobics leads to stress relief.

Exercising and physical activity are proven to relieve stress and increase serotonin levels, which make our moods happier and more relaxed. Physical activity leads to an increase in heart rate, which in turn leads to a decrease in stress levels and the secretion of happy chemicals that improve mood and promote happy thoughts. That is why exercises such as aerobics, swimming, jogging, and cycling can help students feel relaxed and help release their stress. Furthermore, such exercises will lead to better sleep and longer sleep, which naturally boost the mood and health of students. These will also help in regulating the body’s natural alarm clock and circadian rhythm. Especially in these competitive times, when students have to go through extensive stress and troubles, they should get ample time or have special classes for such activities so that they can thoroughly enjoy themselves and retain their peace of mind.

Simple activities like gardening help increase focus.

Simple physical activities like gardening, yoga, nature walking, and bird watching require intense focus and patience. These activities might not be too physically tiring, but they are still pretty effective and efficient. Encouraging students to practice such activities can help take their minds off things that might be bothering them and present a great opportunity to help them relieve stress. Such activities are also known to act as stress relievers, reduce mental fatigue, improve concentration and memory, and much more. You can try to arrange special nature walks, have special gardening assignments, arrange bird-watching trips, and other activities that can really help your student focus on their studies and life while effectively easing their stress and boosting their mood.


It is no secret that regular physical activity promotes a healthy lifestyle while at the same time leading to mental well-being. Students go through a lot of tough conditions and face difficult choices while at the same time battling biological phenomena like puberty. Academic pressure and the desire to succeed can cause anxiety, depression, and panic disorders among students. In such a scenario, various types of physical activity can help relieve their stress, boost productivity, keep mental and physical disorders at bay, and much more.

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