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Teaching sport has to be fluid and it is essential to use a variety of methods so students remain engaged. Alternating teaching methods can help develop a student’s understanding of a sport and their abilities.

Here are five ways you can help engagingly deliver your sporting curriculum:

1. Problem-solving method

Try to create scenarios when delivering sports to keep your students on their toes. For example, it is good to create scenarios in your sporting games to keep your students on their toes. For example, in football, try to generate some unfamiliar drills that students may engage with.

This could be drilled where defence versus attack where there are 4 attackers against 2 defenders and they have to try and successfully defend the attack.

This builds critical thinking for students and also is a fun and engaging way to develop their knowledge.

2. Offer multiple sports to play

When the weather dictates and enough space is available, it is good to offer several other sports at once so that students can experience different types of sports.

This is also good to see if they can be flexible with their sporting abilities and see if they can adjust their game accordingly.

3. Reciprocal style

It is useful in some instances to pair up your students with each other to participate when completing activities in sports. Students can help coach and evaluate each other’s performances as well as teachers’ input.

This can help build confidence and ensure that they are comfortable performing specific parts of an activity. It also helps analyse each other’s performances and see where their areas for improvement are.

4. Divergent Production

This method is a great way of continuously assessing students. Teachers can set a challenge in the sport they are delivering which can have several solutions. Once this has been solved or completed, another problem should arise that needs to be solved. This keeps students on their toes and promotes quick thinking.

An example could be in orienteering (OAA), where students are tasked to find something in one area, once this has been achieved, students then have to find another 3 things to progress. This can also develop time management skills and delegation.

5. Interactive lesson plans & schemes of work

Some students may be struggling to understand how to perform a particular drill or skill and could benefit from visibly seeing how to perform the skill by an elite professional. This can even be achieved by supplying interactive lesson plans and schemes of work with QR codes. Technology has dramatically hanged the way physical education can be taught and this is one way.

Teacher workload can also be drastically reduced as it saves time for lesson planning by having pre-made content that can be accessed with ease.

Try The PE Office

The PE Office can help supply downloadable lesson plans and schemes of work that can be accessed by teachers to help reduce their workload.

Theory content can also be taught in an immersive way that helps elevate a student’s understanding by using the lesson made by PE Office. QR codes are also available on new e-books that provide videos of elite professionals performing skills. 

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