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Physical education is just as important as academics. Without a healthy body and mind, students cannot be expected to perform well in their academics and personal life. Since students are at a developing age, physical activity is vital for them to remain healthy and fit. Hence, educational institutes and parents must take ample care to ensure they get enough chances to participate in and engage in physical activity.

Thanks to the modern lifestyle and numerous digital distractions available, students have been falling behind in physical activities. It has become vital for students to understand the importance of physical activity and the role it plays in their lives. This can be effectively done by providing physical education classes for them.

Given below are certain steps that should be taken to support students who have been falling behind in physical education.

1. Inform students about the importance of Physical Education

Students or adolescents will never be interested in something they don’t know about or are unaware of its importance. The same is the case with physical education. Educators and parents must inform students about the importance of daily physical activity and the role it plays in their lives. They must inform students about how regular physical activity can lead them to have a better life, keep diseases at bay, promote mental wellbeing, improve brain function and much more. This can be effectively done by inculcating this in the curriculum, holding special and guest sessions, or making students mark the changes themselves.

2. Mandatory physical education classes in educational institutes

Holding regular physical health classes should be made mandatory in all educational institutes and schools. All students should be made to do some sort of physical activity every day. They should be encouraged to participate in sports, team-building exercises, aerobics, swimming, etc. This will help students to lead healthier lifestyles and remain active throughout the day.

3. Sufficient time in recess

Children are most active outside the class and away from the watchful eyes of their parents. During recess time, students should get time to freely play and engage in whatever physical games they would want to. Providing students enough recess time, would also refresh them and get their minds off of the stressful time in the class. You can also incorporate numerous recesses throughout the day or have one long recess period.

4. Host sports events throughout the year

The best way to support students to take an interest in physical activity is through introducing the element of competition and reward. Students feel more encouraged and driven to participate in events where they get to compete with their peers and get rewards for their good work. Furthermore, students being rewarded also inspires their peers to take up the activity themselves and invest time. This is why hosting different sports events throughout the year can be a good option. You can host numerous sports events at different times of the year, which will also inspire students to remain active and in good shape throughout the year.

5. Invest in sports equipment and infrastructure

Students are always motivated to try something new. Investing in newer and more fun equipment is also a good way to encourage students to increase their physical activity. You can even introduce different kinds of equipment for students of different ages. Furthermore, try investing in building newer and advanced sports infrastructure, such as a new swimming pool, gym, sports complex, tennis court, and much more. Give students sufficient time during recess, breaks, and physical education classes to make use of this equipment. Make sure all equipment and infrastructure are safe, secure, and durable.


There are numerous benefits of physical activities, as proven by countless studies and research. Especially at a time when students remain engrossed in numerous distractions and competing in the race to academic success, it is crucial to make students participate in regular physical activities and sports. Educational institutes should spend more on developing their physical education infrastructure and inspiring students to lead healthier lifestyles.

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