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Physical education (PE) is a crucial part of a well-rounded education. It fosters healthy habits, teamwork, and motor skills development. But a student’s PE journey isn’t confined to the gym. Parents and guardians play a vital role in supporting their children’s progress. So, how can we create a powerful team effort that extends beyond the school walls?

Open Communication is Key

  • Welcome Night or Newsletter: Dedicate a section of your PE program introduction to explain the curriculum’s goals and how parents can support them at home.
  • Website and Social Media: Utilise these platforms to share PE activities, fitness tips, and even short workout videos families can do together.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: This is an excellent opportunity to discuss a student’s individual needs and how parents can reinforce PE concepts at home.

Get Active Together

  • Family Fitness Challenges: Organise family-oriented fitness challenges that encourage parents and children to get active together. This could be a step-counting competition or a weekly family walk/bike ride challenge.
  • “PE for Parents” Events: Invite parents to participate in a modified PE class alongside their children. This not only fosters a fun learning environment but also allows parents to see the curriculum firsthand.

Building a Strong Foundation

  • Highlight the Benefits: Educate parents about the importance of PE, not just for physical fitness, but also for cognitive development, social skills, and emotional well-being. Share success stories of how PE has positively impacted students.
  • Address Concerns: Some parents may have anxieties about their child’s physical ability or participation in PE. Open communication allows you to address these concerns and create a plan for inclusion and success.
  • Celebrate Achievements: Recognise students’ progress and achievements in PE, both in class and through communication with parents. This positive reinforcement motivates students and shows parents the value of their child’s PE experience.

PE Office can be a valuable asset in this teamwork approach. It offers PE teachers a treasure trove of resources, from pre-made lesson plans aligned with curriculum standards to engaging activities that cater to diverse learning styles. This frees up teachers’ time for communication with parents and allows them to tailor PE programs to better suit student needs.

Additionally, PE Office provides resources for promoting physical activity at home, giving parents ideas to keep the whole family moving and engaged in their child’s PE journey. Take a look at the resources on offer here.